Atkins Diet 4 Phases


A person following Atkins Diet who has lots of weight that he or she can shed and is in the Induction phase can extend the same beyond 2 weeks but maximum till the time when he or she is 15 pounds away from the goal weight. Atkins Diet 4 Phases concentrates on burning fats rather than burning carbohydrates so that the weight loss can be initiated at this early stage. Further, it also decreases the daily net carbohydrate intake to minimum 18 grams to maximum 22 grams.

Atkins Diet Induction Phase

There is a specific diet chart and other condition which has to be followed so the Atkins Diet 4 Phases can be followed correctly. These points to be followed includes having 3 meals together with 2 snacks in one day, have sufficient quantity of proteins in the diet as protein intake is very important for weight loss as well as it helps in protecting lean muscle mass. It also suggests having minimum of 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Further, the person in the induction phase should not avoid or restrict having fats, i.e. they should have some fats as it increases the flavor of the food they have as well as helps to absorb certain vitamins in the body. It is advisable to watch out on hidden carbohydrates, i.e.

The person following the Atkins Diet 4 Phases should strictly eat what is mentioned in the “Phase 1 acceptable food” during the 2 weeks period. However, if you exceed the phase 1 beyond 2 weeks, you may add the acceptable foods to the list which is restricted to nuts and seeds. Also, the person should try to have Atkins low carbohydrate products only as they have been tested, experimented and focuses on weight loss together with control in blood sugar levels. During this phase, the follower starts reducing eight suddenly which may sometimes lead to dehydration. Hence, the person should ensure that they have sufficient quantity of salt during the day.

When a person has followed Atkins Diet 4 Phases correctly and has lost weight, it is time to take a decision whether to continue Phase 1 or to move on to the next phase. If the person continues to stick to Phase 1, some more items are added to the menu, alternatively he or she may shift to Phase 2 & aim at losing bulk weight in this Phase by increasing the carbohydrate intake as well as adding new food to the menu.  Phase 1 suggests the person following it to track the carbohydrates intake with the use of Atkins Carb Counter as it provides a double check and increases the success level. It is also advisable to have a constant diet on a daily basis rather than having more on one day and compensating it by having less on the other. This is so because it helps the keep the sugar levels even.