Atkins Diet Foods

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If you are overweight and love eating, also you hate hours of workouts on a daily basis, following Atkins diet is one of the best options that you can choose. Atkins diet consists of 4 Phases in which Induction is the first Phase. In the induction Phase, the person has to follow the diet chart for a period of minimum 2 weeks. Atkins diet Induction scheduled in this Phase consists of three meals in a day together with snacks to be taken twice. Further, the Atkins Diet Food contains perfect levels of carbohydrates (minimum 18 grams to maximum 22 grams), proteins as well as some amount of fats. It should be noted that if the carbohydrates intake falls below 18 grams a day or increases 22 grams, the same will not help in weight loss. Further, substantial amount of carbohydrates required should come from intake of vegetables in the body.

Atkins Diet Induction Foods

One should remember that the Atkins Diet Food should be low in carbohydrates. The various kind of food that is a part of Atkins Diet Food and is low in carbohydrates includes variety of fish, different kinds of fowls, all kinds of shellfish, and different varieties of meat. Egg is supposed to be the most staple food for breakfast in this phase, since the same is one of the most nutritious foods available naturally. One can always be creative with eggs by adding mushrooms, onions etc to it to make it taste more delicious. While following this diet, one can also have specified quantities of cheese. Cheese results in intake of fats which helps in burning fats and losing weight. The person can also have different types of vegetables such as cucumber, parsley, mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, Asparagus, radishes, broccoli, peppers, olives, spinach, Zucchini etc. However, one should be careful with the carbohydrates intake while having vegetables so that the same does not exceed the maximum level permitted. The carbohydrate count with respect to each vegetable and its quantity is available on the website of Atkins to be referred to.

The person can also make salads as a part of Atkins Diet Food. The salad that is prepared can be garnished with crumbled bacon, hard boiled eggs, grated cheese or sour cream. Further, spices such as basil, garlic, ginger, oregano, pepper, Rosemary can also be added. These herbs have zero carbohydrates and help to make the food taste delicious. Further, one can also add lemon juice, lime juice, oil or vinegar to the salad. The Atkins Diet Food also restricts the intake of butter, olive oil vegetable oils etc to 1 tbsp in one meal. However, there is no count of carbohydrates for the same. Atkins has also come up with variety of packaged foods which take care of carbohydrates levels as well as sugar levels in the meals. These packaged foods, helps in losing weight with a balanced diet and most of them are prescribed for the Induction level itself.

Sharing is caring! Please share with friends & family if you find this website useful

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