Atkins Diet Induction Recipe

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Atkins Diet Induction Recipe is used mainly in the induction phase to kick start the process of weight loss. Rather, it should also be noted that in this process, people tend to lose lot of weight at one go. In fact, it is also advisable that they start using all the packaged food of Atkins which is based on the same logics and requirements of the dietitian. Further, these packaged foods are also prepared based on the recipes of Atkins.

Atkins Diet Induction Recipes

  • Atkins Diet Induction Recipe – Dragon Roll also known as Chinese wrap – filling
    1. Ingredients – It is prepared with the help of three fourth cup of shredded cabbage, half cup of julienned carrot, half cup of French beans sliced diagonally, one cup of sliced large spring onions, one fourth cup of bean sprouts or cubed tofu, 2 finely chopped green chillies, a bit of garlic and ginger (as per taste), vinegar (1 tea spoon), soya sauce (1 tea spoon), hot and sweet sauce (1 tablespoon), Oil (1 tablespoon).
    2. Method: Boil the carrot and the French beans in boiling water for 5 minutes, and then heat oil in a pan. Add sauce, chillies, ginger and garlic to the same. Then add onions, cabbage and bean sprouts. Saute the vegetables for 5 minutes. Then add boiled carrots, French beans, vinegar, soya sauce, and salt. Cook the mixture for a few minutes.
    3. Benefits – This dish contains 225 calories, 7.4 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, 35 grams of carbohydrates & 170 mg calcium.

It is to be noted that one can have this Chinese wrap as a healthy spring roll also or can be combined with a hot Chinese soup using tofu.

  • Atkins Diet Induction Recipe – Rotis for the wrap above.
    1. Ingredients: One and a half cup of flour, 1 tablespoon of oil, three fourth cup of water and salt as per taste.
    2. Method: mix all the above ingredients and knead it into soft dough out of it. Divide the same into 8 equal parts. Roll them into rotis, cook the wrap on a pan.
    3. Benefits: this wrap contains 77 grams of calories, 2.2 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrates and 64 mg of calcium.

Once both the rotis and the filling is ready, one can start the preparations for serving the same. For this, you will put the filling on the rotis, pour an onion seasoning on the filling (after adding red chilli powder, vinegar and lemon juice to it). Once the wrap is ready, you can serve the same with green chilli sauce. To add more taste, you can heat the wrap in an oven before serving the same. This recipe is a perfect meal for a person in a day so that their health is not hampered and they can satisfy their tongue also.

Sharing is caring! Please share with friends & family if you find this website useful

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